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Anil Podar
Anil Podar
Anil Podar

Solar system with latest inverter technology for Poddar family villa

The Poddar family lives in their beautiful villa spread over 10,000 sq ft in Indore. With a fully air conditioned villa having decorative lightings and latest gadgets installed, they ended up paying hefty electricity bills. Hence, Mr. Poddr wanted to install solar and bring down his electricity bills. They chose Hindustan SolarTech to install a high quality solar system using the latest generation-3 inverter and optimiser technology and Panasonic modules on their villa. They are now harnessing the power of the sun to run and have reduced their bills by more than 50%.

Anil Poddar
ankit vohra
ankit vohra

After solar, the family enjoys Air-conditioning guilt-free

Ankit Vora, a resident from Indore who was aware of the benefits of solar power, decided to utilize the ample rooftop space for the energy consumption of his house. Switching to solar dropped his monthly electricity bills up to 90%. Now he enjoys AC during the scorching summers without any fear of shooting electricity bills.

Ankit Vohra
Bhushan Lal Jahhar
Bhushan Lal Jahhar

Energy independence with Solar

Switching to solar gave Mr Jaggar access to clean energy as well as energy independence for the next 25 years. Hindustan SolarTech’s quick and hassle-free installation process made it very easy for him to go solar.

BL Jaggar
Pradeep Mittal
Pradeep Mittal
Pradeep Mittal
Pradeep Mittal

Central India’s largest residential solar system

The Mittal brothers chose Hindustan SolarTech to install a rooftop solar system on their newly made adjoining villas spread over 7 Acres in the quiet town of Katni. This 80KW solar system is the largest residential solar installation of Central India. The system enables powering all amenities of these luxurious villas - gym, game rooms, home theatre, etc.

Pradeep & Sanjay Mittal

Happily generating money from the sun

Worried about the skyrocketing electricity bills, Mr. Joshi opted for a sustainable solution and installed a rooftop solar system on his home. He now saves an average of ₹3000 every month on the electricity bills. Happy with the services of Hindustan SolarTech Mr. Joshi vouches for the hassle-free process and after-sales service of Hindustan SolarTech.

GC Joshi

Neighbors going solar together

Mr. Chandan Khanna & Mr. Rajendra Garg have adjoining homes in a pristine row-housing colony. Both technically savvy and environmentally conscious citizens wanted to install rooftop solar on their homes. The duo chose Hindustan SolarTech to design and install 3 KW systems on their roofs in 2019. Hindustan SolarTech's proprietary pre-fabricated structures were used in these solar installations along with Panasonic Modules. They are now very happy with their solar system generation and monthly savings.

Chandan & Rajendra
Nandan Dube
Nandan Dube
Nandan Dube
Nandan Dube
Nandan Dube
Nandan Dube

Mr. Dubey installed rooftop solar on his newly constructed bungalow

Nandan Dubey retired DGP of Madhya Pradesh, made his new bungalow and planned to install solar from the get-go. Hindustan SolarTech designed and installed a 5KW rooftop solar in 2021 at his residence. It generates enough electricity to power everything in his bungalow - from air conditioners to refrigerator to lights and all appliances. The family enjoys almost 0 electricity bills since and is happy to be harnessing clean power for their home.

Nandan Dubey (Retired Deputy General of Police)

Happy with Hindustan SolarTech’s 360-degree plant maintenance service

A responsible and environmentally conscious citizen from Bhopal, Mr Shrivastav decided to switch to solar. Within months of installing rooftop solar in his house, his electricity bills went down to zero. He is very happy with the quarterly maintenance service from Hindustan SolarTech - a 360-degree service where preventive maintenance and module cleaning is done by Hindustan SolarTech technicians regularly.

SS Srivastava
SK Mishra
SK Mishra
SK Mishra
SK Mishra
SK Mishra
SK Mishra

Aesthetic meets functionality - Glass-Glass solar module roof

The Mishra family decided to go solar in 2020 and installed a beautiful glass-glass solar panel roof on their home. This 8 KW solar system helps them save over 1 Lac per year on electricity bills and clean power helps them offset over 8 tons of CO2 every year.

Avid lovers of nature, the Mishra family also created a lush vertical garden under their solar roof converting it into a green oasis. They now enjoy their morning cup of coffee under this solar roof.

SK Mishra
V Rengan

One-time investment for 25yrs

For Mr Rengan the financial benefits of solar were obvious and he also liked that it gave him energy independence for almost 25 years. Electricity prices from the grid have been steadily rising, but after going solar Mr Rengan has peace of mind and control over his electricity expenditure. Before going solar Mr Rengan’s monthly electricity bill was ₹4,000 on average but after going solar it has reduced to hardly ₹500.

V Rengan
Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I go solar?

If you want to save money from the sun, Solar is the best investment for you. Solar allows you to save on your monthly electric bills plus it also allows you to save the planet by going green. Solar energy is a true form of renewable clean energy which leads to zero pollution (air, noise, land) and emits no greenhouse gases mitigating climate change.

Is solar power safe?

Yes. The electricity produced by a solar power system is no different than the electricity you get from your electricity distribution company. The only difference is the source. Moreover, it is among the safest source of electricity consumption because it is neither hazardous nor does it release any toxic or harmful gases during production.

What is a rooftop solar system?

You can use the empty space on your roof to install a solar system which will convert sunlight into electricity for your house or building. Such a system is referred to as a rooftop solar system.

What do I need to install a rooftop solar system?

All you need to qualify for a solar system is - empty space on your roof and access to your rooftop. Just fill the project enquiry form on our website and our team will contact you to discuss your requirement. Once the project is finalised, we will take care of your entire plant design, installation and maintenance.

What is the life of a rooftop solar system?

The Solar Plant life is 25 years. The main components are solar panels and inverters. Solar panels have a warranty of 25 years and inverter warranty ranges from 5-12 years.

Do Solar Rooftop projects have a high maintenance cost?

A Solar Rooftop module comprises minimal moving parts and hence has very low maintenance cost. Hindustan SolarTech Energy provides first 5-year maintenance free of cost to clients ensuring a hassle free experience for all our customers.

Can Solar projects damage my roof?

Hindustan SolarTech Energy has a UL certification (one of the highest quality and safety standards in the world) and ensures that no damage to the existing structures takes place during the installation or running of the solar plant. We use a multitude of techniques like non-penetrating structures and waterproofing solutions to ensure your roof’s integrity.

Do I need to clean my Solar plant?

It is a good practice to clean the solar panels 1-2 times a month. It is safer to clean the panels early in the morning or at night when no incident sun rays are present and the power plant is not producing any electricity. You can simply use a clean wet cloth, soft nylon brush or sponge to wipe the surface but ensure the panels are clear of any moisture. Don’t use metal brushes or detergents as these may streak the glass of the panel.

How much does a solar Plant cost?

The cost of a solar plant depends on its size, configuration and degree of supporting structures required. We provide you multiple options to choose from, designed specifically to meet your requirements.

What is the break-even period for Solar rooftop projects?

Rooftop solar projects are among the most lucrative investments for industrial, commercial and residential projects. The breakeven is achieved in 2-4 years itself, while you enjoy savings for the project life of 25 years.

Are there any subsidies provided by the government for solar projects?

There are no subsidies available for commercial entities. For residential rooftop solar projects, subsidies are released by state governments intermittently. Whenever subsidy is applicable, Hindustan SolarTech Energy provides it upfront to the customer in the project cost itself. At present, the Madhya Pradesh government has released a lucrative solar subsidy for the residential sector. The various slabs of subsidy are -

Solar project size
Individual house
1-3 KW
Individual house
3-10 KW
40% upto 3 KW plus 20% for system above 3KW
Group Housing Societies/Residential Welfare Associations
Upto 500 KW

How do I avail subsidy provided by the Madhya Pradesh government?

Hindustan SolarTech Energy provides the subsidy upfront as a direct discount to the consumers to ensure a hassle free experience.

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Overview of rooftop solar panels


India is the tropical goldmine of solar power generation since it receives almost 300 days of uninterrupted sunlight.


The electricity for which the DISCOM charges up to Rs. 8/unit, when generated by a solar panel for home, is free. That's because sunlight doesn't cost a penny.


We, at Hindustan SolarTech, offer rooftop panel systems ranging from 2 KW to 10 KW and higher for homes and housing societies.


Being the third-largest solar installer in the country with hands-on experience of installing 90 KW worth of solar panels on roof already, we believe that every residential rooftop - whether an RCC roof or a metal sheet roof - has the scope to go Solar.


Even if you consume 500 units of electricity/month, with a 4 KW solar plant for home installed on your residential rooftop, you can easily save up to Rs. 44,000 every year on your electricity bills (assuming that the electricity tariff in your state is Rs. 8/unit).



Solar installation requirements


Other than the fact that your rooftop should be easily accessible, there are a couple of installation requirements that are mandatory if you want to install a solar panel for home the right way.


#1. A mandatory rooftop inspection by experts


Did you know that if your rooftop is covered with shadows from surrounding trees or towers between 10 AM to 5 PM, your solar system for home won't be able to generate as much electricity from solar power as it should because the solar panels will be shaded?


Our expert solar consultants can figure out which spot on the roof will receive the maximum sunlight, what should the ideal height of the mounting structures be to avoid shadows, and which type of solar panel for home would be the best for you according to the type of roof you have.


Solar experts also confirm that your roof is strong enough and wide enough to support the chemical anchoring of the heavy solar mounting structures.


#2. Determining the right tilt angle for the solar panel for home


In a perfect world, India gets the most extreme Daylight within the Southwards heading. Since it’s not a standardized development parameter, all residential housetop buildings don't confront South by default.

Consequently, the mounting point must be such that the sun oriented board for domestic on your housetop gets greatest daylight. The perfect tilt point for a housetop board in South India is 10 degrees. In North India, the tilt point for sun powered boards ought to be more than 20 degrees.



Working of a solar plant for home


A solar system has a careful arrangement of many solar panels connected in series. As soon as the sunlight finds the PV cells in the solar module (rooftop panel), it gets converted into DC power.


A solar inverter is then used to convert the DC power into alternating current (AC) to supply electricity to run home appliances and meet other energy requirements.


The solar-supplied electricity is fed into a bidirectional meter because:



At the end of every month, you’ll actually be paid by DISCOM for the power you supplied them with (that is, if the power generated was more than the power you consumed).