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Majestic apartment in Mangalore installs 145KW rooftop solar

This centrally located majestic apartment in Mangalore installed a rooftop solar system of 145KW capacity. Maurishka Palace has remarkable architecture, luxurious interiors, and unparalleled facilities to offer. But all these high-end facilities need a great amount of energy to function. To meet this great demand for energy, Maurishka Palace decided to go for a rooftop solar system that will meet the growing energy demand and aid the apartment's savings.

With a 145KW solar system installed by Hindustan solartech in September 2020, Maurishka Palace is able to cut down their electricity expenses and carbon footprint massively.

Maurishka Palace
Housing Society

Apartment complex saves over ?5 Lac annually on electricity bills with solar

Century Saras Apartment located in Yelahanka, Bangalore is a forward-looking apartment that adopts sustainability and technology solutions to improve the lives of its residents. An apartment consuming 8000+ units of electricity per month decided to install rooftop solar to cut down on their bills. After a rigorous tendering process for vendor selection - project was awarded to Hindustan SolarTech. Their 50KW rooftop solar system was commissioned in June 2020 and now saves over ?5 Lacs in common area electricity bills every year. Installed using latest micro-inverter technology from Enphase and REC Modules, Century Saras is the only housing society in India to have its solar system audited by Underwriters Laboratory (UL) and compliant with IEC62446-1 standards.

Century Saras
Housing Society

Making profits & saving environment at the same time

Elegant Embassy 3 is an urban chic apartment located in Uttarahalli, Bangalore. A small apartment community, Elegant Embassy 3 wanted to be energy self-reliant. They chose Hindustan SolarTech to install a 17 KW rooftop solar system. This system now powers all the common area electrical loads for the apartment such as lift, lights, fans, pump, etc.

The residents are happy to have reduced their electricity bills while also reducing their carbon footprint.

Elegant Embassy III

Apartment in Lodha Palava City goes solar

Riletta apartment is located in the massive Lodha Palava City township of Mumbai. After having extensive discussions with Hindustan SolarTech on system, structures, durability, lifespan & generation, they decided to install a 50KW solar system in August 2021. Hindustan SolarTech designed 3 feet raised structures using Hot Dipped Galvanised Iron for solar installation. This system installed on the roof of 9 storey-high Riletta apartments is designed to endure even extreme wind pressures and any weather conditions for years to come.

Hindustan SolarTech has deployed Generation-3 inverter and optimizer technology by SolarEdge in this solar system. The society will now save more than 7 Lacs per year in electricity bills!

Riletta Lodha Palava

148KW rooftop solar on shingled roof for luxurious Bangalore apartment

A lavish housing society with modern amenities is harnessing the power of the Sun with a 148KW rooftop solar system designed and installed by Solar Square.

This extravagant condominium has been composed in an aesthetically rich English style with an inclining roof, chimney stacks, and stone exteriors.

The management committee of Sobha Dew Flower chose Hindustan SolarTech after a year of evaluating solar for their apartment. Installed using full rail non-penetrative aluminum structures on their shingled roof, Hindustan SolarTech took care of safety and aesthetics in this solar design. Mono-twin peak modules from REC Singapore were used in this solar system.

Sobha Dew Flower
Housing Society
Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I go solar?

If you want to save money from the sun, Solar is the best investment for you. Solar allows you to save on your monthly electric bills plus it also allows you to save the planet by going green. Solar energy is a true form of renewable clean energy which leads to zero pollution (air, noise, land) and emits no greenhouse gases mitigating climate change.

Is solar power safe?

Yes. The electricity produced by a solar power system is no different than the electricity you get from your electricity distribution company. The only difference is the source. Moreover, it is among the safest source of electricity consumption because it is neither hazardous nor does it release any toxic or harmful gases during production.

What is a rooftop solar system?

You can use the empty space on your roof to install a solar system which will convert sunlight into electricity for your house or building. Such a system is referred to as a rooftop solar system.

What do I need to install a rooftop solar system?

All you need to qualify for a solar system is - empty space on your roof and access to your rooftop. Just fill the project enquiry form on our website and our team will contact you to discuss your requirement. Once the project is finalised, we will take care of your entire plant design, installation and maintenance.

What is the life of a rooftop solar system?

The Solar Plant life is 25 years. The main components are solar panels and inverters. Solar panels have a warranty of 25 years and inverter warranty ranges from 5-12 years.

Do Solar Rooftop projects have a high maintenance cost?

A Solar Rooftop module comprises minimal moving parts and hence has very low maintenance cost. Hindustan SolarTech Energy provides first 5-year maintenance free of cost to clients ensuring a hassle free experience for all our customers.

Can Solar projects damage my roof?

Hindustan SolarTech Energy has a UL certification (one of the highest quality and safety standards in the world) and ensures that no damage to the existing structures takes place during the installation or running of the solar plant. We use a multitude of techniques like non-penetrating structures and waterproofing solutions to ensure your roof�s integrity.

Do I need to clean my Solar plant?

It is a good practice to clean the solar panels 1-2 times a month. It is safer to clean the panels early in the morning or at night when no incident sun rays are present and the power plant is not producing any electricity. You can simply use a clean wet cloth, soft nylon brush or sponge to wipe the surface but ensure the panels are clear of any moisture. Don�t use metal brushes or detergents as these may streak the glass of the panel.

How much does a solar Plant cost?

The cost of a solar plant depends on its size, configuration and degree of supporting structures required. We provide you multiple options to choose from, designed specifically to meet your requirements.

What is the break-even period for Solar rooftop projects?

Rooftop solar projects are among the most lucrative investments for industrial, commercial and residential projects. The breakeven is achieved in 2-4 years itself, while you enjoy savings for the project life of 25 years.

Are there any subsidies provided by the government for solar projects?

There are no subsidies available for commercial entities. For residential rooftop solar projects, subsidies are released by state governments intermittently. Whenever subsidy is applicable, Hindustan SolarTech Energy provides it upfront to the customer in the project cost itself. At present, the Madhya Pradesh government has released a lucrative solar subsidy for the residential sector. The various slabs of subsidy are -

Solar project size
Individual house
1-3 KW
Individual house
3-10 KW
40% upto 3 KW plus 20% for system above 3KW
Group Housing Societies/Residential Welfare Associations
Upto 500 KW

How do I avail subsidy provided by the Madhya Pradesh government?

Hindustan SolarTech Energy provides the subsidy upfront as a direct discount to the consumers to ensure a hassle free experience.

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Housing Society Rooftop Solar Systems in India

Out of all the monthly expenses that a housing society has to pay for the common area activities, electricity bills are the biggest expenditure.

It's the moral obligation of the solar power housing association to make residents aware of the fact that using solar power for housing societies can reduce the common area electricity cost substantially.

The rooftop area of a housing society is owned by its RWA (Residents Welfare Association). The Corpus (the maintenance charges that the residents pay every month) collected every month amounts to crores of rupees in a span of 10 years or so.

When the solar power housing committee (RWA) invests that Corpus in installing a solar power system for housing society, they're practically investing in free electricity generation to power up common area amenities like water pumps, lifts, lights in parking and on every floor, and so much more!

We, at Hindustan SolarTech, understand that the RWA requires headache-free solar installation; hence, we offer a 5-year AMC (Annual Maintenance Contract). It means, we ensure the regular cleaning and maintenance of the solar panel for housing society for the coming five years.

Once you're our client, whether or not your rooftop solar power system for housing society is generating electricity is our headache, not yours!


How solar power works?

A solar power system for housing society works the same way it does for an individual house. The only difference is that the power being generated here is huge.


The bi-directional meter keeps a record of the number of units imported from the grid and the number of excess units exported to the grid.

If there’s been additional power from the DISCOM that has been used above the solar power that’s generated, you will have to pay for that imported electricity.

If the power generated by the solar system for housing society has been more than the power consumed, and you supplied electricity to the grid, DISCOM will pay you for the power you provided.


Benefits of using solar power for your housing society

Solar energy for housing society is free. What you’ll invest as the upfront cost will be recovered within 3 to 5 years, and you’ll continue to get free electricity for almost 25 years.

The benefits that the society draws from installing a solar power housing system are:


The savings on the common area electricity bill can be used for other activities like amping up the security, installing a children's play area, rainwater harvesting, and much more.

The benefits that the residents draw from the installation of a rooftop solar system are:


Why choose Hindustan SolarTech for installing solar power housing systems?

When the solar power housing committee decides to use solar energy for housing society, it's not their individual decision. Since Corpus is actually the money of the residents, the management committee must have the approval of the residents.

The route to getting the approval of the residents to allow the installation of solar power housing systems can be awfully long. There's an Annual General Meeting (AGM) where the RWA has to get the much-needed approval.

Since it can be quite a task to bring all the residents on the same page, we help the solar power housing association to prepare for the AGM.

At Hindustan SolarTech, we take pride in the fact that we take a consultative approach. We help the management committee educate the residents about the monetary benefits of installing solar power housing systems.

Choosing Hindustan SolarTech means:



1) What are the benefits of installing solar power in your housing society?

Installing solar power in housing societies has the following benefits:


2) What is the solar panel installation cost for a housing society?

The solar panel installation cost for a housing society isn’t fixed. It depends upon the size of the solar system installed. The larger the system, the more the cost!


PM Narendra Modi launched a National Portal for Rooftop Solar and a unified subsidy scheme on 30th July 2022.

The subsidy scheme is known as DBT (Direct Benefit Transfer).

Under this scheme, here is the subsidy offered to housing societies.