Commercial Rooftop Solar Panel Systems: UL Certification | Hindustan SolarTech


You are in safe hands

Know about the Hindustan SolarTech quality promise

For the first time in India -  
Prefabricated solar structures for your home
  • Made using precision manufacturing techniques in factories

  • No welding on site, 0 manual errors

  • Each part is Galvanised in Zinc so you get 100% rust protection

India’s best after-sales service  
for your rooftop solar

For a solar system to give you maximum savings year after year, it has to be maintained

  • Module Cleaning

    • Power generation can fall as much as 30% if your solar system hasn’t been cleaned for 3 months
    • Your AMC package includes monthly OR quarterly module cleaning services
  • Preventive Maintenance

    • Your AMC package provides you with quarterly preventive maintenance
    • Our technician checks entire solar system health & safety to ensure you get maximum performance
  • On-Call Service & Spares

    • Our service call-center is available to help you with any breakdown or maintenance issues
    • Our dense after-sales network enables you to get spares & replacements within 72 hours
We only work with the best brands 
for your solar system

Solar Panel

Solar Inverter

Worried if solar installation can cause holes 
on your roof & lead to water leakage?
  • We only do superior chemical anchoring to install solar on your roof

  • Using world’s leading waterproofing Chemical HILTI for your home

  • Filling the tiniest gaps & air bubbles - resulting in 0 Water Leakage risk

Best price challenge

If you find our quality at a better price - we match it 
& offer 10% project cost back

  • Submit the official proposal received by you to us at

  • Your proposal is eligible for price match if:

    1. It is for the same system specifications (system size, module/ inverter/cable brands, AMC terms, structure quality, financing terms)

    2. If it is a recent quote (max. 21 day gap with Hindustan solartech proposal date)

    3. Matching owner details (same name & address)